I've found the PC equivalent of the beer world!

La cerveza mas fina, eh? If you wanna spend the cash, absolutely. However, smart guys like to get the most for their bucks, so when they see that six-pack tagged at $14, they look around a little bit to find the cheaper alternatives that will do the job just as well. This approach works well for most of the things in life, like clothes, cars, computers and fast food chains. When it comes to beer, however, there is a little problem: most of them suck (assuming you are in the US). But cry no more, gents, for I've found the perfect alternatives for this overpriced, tasty, AppleMacBook-like Beer.

But before I introduce you,  allow me to ease into my background in beer-tasting. I've first turned into drinking age in Brazil, more especifically in Rio de Janeiro, and then proceeded to do the same in Japan. Beer was never my interest before that (yes, as a teen I drank Smirnoff Ice) but it was then, without fear of trying different stuff, that my taste really developed. Brazilian beer, excluding very little-known local brews, is mostly Lager, pale and embodied. Japanese beers are likewise mostly Lager (sometimes suffixed of 'dry' for a reason I don't know). So I'm naturally biased towards them, though I do enjoy ales, especially the brown ones and malt - Kaiser Boch being the best... YUM. However, I don't need to be a beer surgeon for this article, as what it's most concerned about is the price value.

That said, here's what you should get when you don't want to pretend you're a famous artist just to drink your beer:

1.Yuengling Lager
Pros: CHEAP! American beer. Also, every convenience store has it. 
Cons: many bars (that I've been to) don't have it. Maybe it's only my neighborhood? It's the only beer that gives me headaches, for some reason.
I believe that this (ahead of PBR) is the only American beer that actually doesn't suck. Heineken is barf compared to this. Since it's national production, it's very cheap. I only drink this beer if the bar has it.

2. Presidente Lager
Pros: wheaty, embodied and delicious. Resembles Brazilian beers (none of which suck). Doesn't get bitter as it warms (don't ask me how, but it really doesn't).
Cons: imported, scarce, doesn't come in 12 packs.
This beer is produced in the Dominican Republic and is more expensive than your local brews. However, the wheaty taste and consistency are unbeatable. I don't think that many stores have it let alone the bars, but when they do it's the perfect alternative to Corona. Go for it, try it yourself.

So my final verdict of what beer should replace the Corona monopoly is...


Because if this beer wasn't that good, why would old Dexter Morgan drink it?

Have a great week, folks.

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