Three Cheers for the Late Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has passed away on this Wednesday Oct 5th, 2011, victim of cancer. If by now you're still too much a moron to think it's a hoax, kindly check this link and proceed to bang your head fifteen times on the closest wall. Actually I, too, thought of it as a hoax, but it lasted for only 15min. The media debunks most of the contemporary bullshit.

I think this is the part in which I unravel my ranting and give out my flammable opinions on whether the man was a hero or villain. But there is the whole rest of the internet for that. So I will make it different, short and sweet.
So here we have it, three cheers for the man!

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for creating a proper, fairly-sized competitor to the then monopoly of Microsoft, the only one that was able to put a real threat to them. The fact that your computers are twice as expensive and half as productive as theirs can be put aside for now.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for creating the only commercial venue for UNIX that is actually taken seriously. The fact that you stole a well-built, community-made kernel (BSD) and made into your project for your own purposes can be forgiven for the moment being.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for creating a device that allows me to store the thousands of songs I ripped off the internet and listen to them until my ears bleed. Nevermind the RIAA, who cares about them pricks anyway...

I better put on my flame shields before it's too late.

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