Competition with Linux is futile

So I turned my attention the other day to my YouTube homepage and found out an interesting video within my suggestions. It dealt with Microsoft not surprisingly bashing on Linux once more, only with an extra spin of F.U.D. on it. It wasn't like the old-fashioned Mac-PC wars, in which all you do is point things that suck on the other and it's up to the viewer to make the judgement. In this particular case, Microsoft took a pretty cheap approach. They called it their "training program" to supposedly educate completely neutral people into biased robots that despise and will kill anything about Linux. The training consisted of completely unbiased quizzes such as:

Linux upgrades and updates(sic) are easy. [Right or Wrong?] Answer: WRONG

I won't mention anything further, because this is explicit enough bullshit. You can see the thread with screenshots of the quiz right here. Though I did not give any further shit about Microsoft's FUD policy, it did leave me with one thought: why is Microsoft trying to compete with Linux? Aren't they still the number one computer software developer in the world? What exactly is this competition about, then? A quick look through several computer stores is enough to assert me that all PCs sold in the mass market run an Operating System called "Windows." Isn't that called a monopoly? Maybe Microsoft doesn't like to hear that some guys in a South African company came up with an Operating System that happens to be just as usable, only for free. Oh no, the impossible has just happened! Launch the emergency countermeasures, release our top secret shit to the public!

It doesn't make a slight difference, at least to Linux - you just can't compete with it. At the end of the day, Linux has become more popular and Microsoft has just got stressed and plucked out a few more hairs strands. The key here is to realize that Linux and Free Software no longer are that minuscule niche that everyone shat on fifteen years ago. They no longer are under risk of being crushed by Microsoft and therefore, today's Linux does not give the slightest shit about its competition anymore. That was the initial fight only, to acquire some respectable space. Apple figured that out. Microsoft? I think someone needs to them that already.

Frankly, I don't get how they think it's still possible to compete with Linux, let alone win. Can't follow my train of thought? Let me clarify with a quick example, taking the well-known fact that Linux is much more secure than Windows:

Imagine that, by some miracle, Windows upgrades its security issues and becomes far more secure than Linux, and this becomes a well known fact. How does that affect Microsoft's sales? They will sell more, but what is more for a company that already owns everything? It will change nothing. The real question is: what will happen to Linux? The answer is: nothing, either. Even if the "competition" gets ahead, as some think it already happens today, Linux won't die. Sure, some may be tempted and eventually switch back to Windows. But the development of Linux goes fast, and free. Would you want something better for a chunk of your paycheck, or use something still great, free of charge, and that you can do whatever you want with? In the end, Linux users will still use Linux.

Competing with Linux is as retarded as chasing your own shadow, or playing tag with a wooden plank.  Two can't compete when one doesn't want to, deal with it. However, I can still find something more amusing than watching Microsoft banging heads on the wall, and that is watching Linux fanboys induce counter competition on Microsoft:

Oh, so PC is the working robot, Mac is the hipster bum, and Linux is... some smack-talking bitch? I can't believe this was an actual commercial aired by Novell... What's the deal with making Linux a girl anyway - so anyone can probe and mess it up without any resistance? Cheap and ridiculous... don't go down that road, boys.

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