Until further notice, I'm chilling in Linux

You may recall from last week that I drifted away from the corporate desktop and booted into the Knoppix GNU/Linux system during the lazy friday afternoon, deliberately hacking my way through the company's IT.

Well, pilgrim, today's post ain't much different - actually, it's more of an enhancement. Clocking in today precisely at 0855, it didn't take much to notice that the AM half of the shift would be not much other than spreadsheeting some stuff and then back to timewasting. As a co-worker wisely said (in portuguese) and I quote:

There was a man applying for a job who had a discrete disability: due to an accident, he had his testicles amputated. Nothing really that could affect work performance though, so the employer read through his CV and they promptly shook hands. When asked about the workshift, the employer then said:
'We start at 7AM, but I'll ask you to clock in by 9. Cause you know... from 7 to 9 nobody really does anything except scratch their balls.'


I looked no further, picked up my loyal KNOPPIX CD and didn't even bother to look for windows. Linux en masse! And guess what... I successfully spent a whole day without the need to reboot, or to boot into Windows to do work. Don't get me wrong though, I did do work. Just that the things I had to do were easily accessible from my mobile-portable-magnificent-free operating system.
In fact, I can do almost anything for my internship from KNOPPIX. Office work, internet consultation... so many things that it becomes easier to count how many things I can't do:

-Use task-specific nobody-knows (engineering) software designed for windows, and for which I wouldn't even bother to try WINE on it.

-Access two of fifteen directories within the office intranet because it requires windows authentication.

-Use Flash, because it's proprietary and optional in GNU/Linux

That's it. Everything else unlisted above is doable from my KNOPPIX CD. Got PWN? And my tipical work schedule consists of spreadsheets and budgeting, so I'm on grounds that are more than native to my system.

So, as stated above, until further notice I'll be chilling in my LXDE+Compiz desktop, going around all the firewall and accessing whatever site pleases me without fear of harming the company. Hell, I can even call the University of Miami and talk to a hot, procrastinating Calling Canes student employee girl for free through VoIP.

Go ahead and see for yourself the magic: www.knoppix.net

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