Linux PWNS and Friday is for Shitfacing (once more)

Hallo, I'm blogging this from KNOPPIX 6.4 since I got fed up with XP and there was no real work left to be done today. Or... I got bored and decided to try hacking a little within the office. You choose - or not, it's Friday anyway, who cares...

You may recall how last week I tried to explain my IT department coworker how open source programs can (when given the proper resources and popularity) outperform proprietary MS programs, but still failed to convince him. Well, today's post kind of builds on top of that.

As stated last week, friday is for shitfacing. This is not my own conclusion, everything during this day explicitly points out towards getting shitfaced. All you need to do is observe a little more. For example, today no more than four people sat down and spent more than 5 minutes in my office. These four people include a department supervisor and two Interns - who have to fill the workload in order to attain the credit. Productivity en masse, huh?

On the light of the above, and having finished all the spreadsheets by 11:30AM - that including offering to help a brother to download youtube videos and converting mp4 files - I had no other choice rather than these:

1.Grab a coffee. No, two. No, three and a cookie.


3.Look through files in my bag, reach out for some CDs, find out an old KNOPPIX GNU/Linux disk and without hesitation put it on the drive to boot.

Flawless Victory. KNOPPIX boots up and detects all my hardware. Not only I'm in full control of my computer, I'm also in control of his, hers, and their computers because they're all linked together in the office through a shitty windows server. You read it right, new operating system comes in completely out of the blue and the corporate server embraces it like his wife. Be thankful, people, that I'm a whitehat!

So as I'm writing this, I'm also chatting through Pidgin, looking for torrents and Facebooking at will. Proxies? To hell with them! KNOPPIX pwns everyone, your Mother included. Also, Compiz-Fusion has been enabled by default and now everyone knows that my desktop rocks. I guess even IT guy wouldn't have expected that. And guess what, he can't do SHIT about it. He can't because I'm doing ALL of these from two temporary storage things, namely CD and RAM. Yeah, babe, no hard disk storage needed, I could hack all the afternoon and still when I went home all my traces would be vanished...

So bottom line is... Happy Shit-Faced Friday once more! And if you're interested in fighting the corporates and becoming more secure (computer-wise) today, use LINUX. Yeap, if you don't believe me, see what people at www.distrowatch.com have to say...

Get drunk, happy and have a nice weekend folks.

If you wanna find more about KNOPPIX, here's a screenshot:

 simply beautiful. Get it here: http://www.knoppix.org/

Also mentioned in the post were:
Pidgin (Internet Messenger): http://www.pidgin.im/
Compiz-Fusion (window manager for X11 system) http://www.compiz.org/

K. Zimmermann

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