Quit fighting piracy already...

Piracy has been around long before that time of the dipshittery of Johnny Depp and the Disney studios, and started with a noble purpose: to promote fairness among society. And ever since piracy has been around, pig-headed high-society pricks have done everything in order to fight it. Except that piracy is still alive and very popular today, which means one thing: they failed. So here's my suggestion to corporations dealing with Digital Media and Software:


Though I don't have a good estimate on how much large corporations spend on anti-piracy measures, I know that it's significant and could be used instead to make better products. And since better products, like piracy itself, are awesome, both sides benefit. Flawless win.

Why is piracy awesome, you ask? Simple. Digital piracy, unlike the ship-sacking one, benefits everyone because you are not comitting an act of theft. Yes, really. I don't care what movie you pirated or for how much you sold it, you still didn't commit theft. And that is because you didn't steal anything, you copied an existing movie, and the original copy still remains there. Whether you deserve to be legally punished, however, is a whole other issue. But I want this to be clear because it pisses me off when corporations frame piracy as theft when it just isn't true.

This is the one single reason to why piracy will never die. People are afraid of commiting a crime, and this usually refers to something like murder, theft or trespassing. If software piracy isn't any of these to begin with, it never will be. They won't feel guilty doing piracy just because it doesn't sound like a crime. And that's what filmmakers and developers try to inflict: the idea that piracy is a crime indeed, and as evil as shooting someone in the face.

In reality, however, very few people take the practice to completion. Oh yes, I should add that piracy by definition requires the individual to profit from it. What a relief, huh? Yes, piracy requires some sales, otherwise it's plain file sharing. And even then, file sharing won't lead to any arrests. It's a game of catch, all you need to do is pass the guilt on to someone else...

Piracy simply will not die. There are just too many ways that you can disguise yourself while doing so, and it's too hard to frame someone in specific. I guess corporations will just have to suck it! And speaking of corporation, it's just plain ridiculous how they try to fight back with alternative methods, where alternative means things such as:

1.Making their media/software free of cost;
2.Using their artists to talk pirates out of their business.

First of all, not charging for the thing is exactly what the pirates want. Therefore, #1 is useless and in fact, all it does is make piracy completely legit. And please... anti-piracy advertisements featuring the artists themselves is the personification of the word "asshole." How can these artists, sitting on billions of dollars, keep a straight face while saying that piracy will bankrupt them? Goddammit, I don't think there's any clearer way of being an asshole.

So I will end the post in a happy way. If even after all this spoonfeeding you still think Piracy must be stopped, my last resort is this video, made by QuestionCopyright.org. Happy sharing!